Privacy Policy

The Writer’s Lantern LLC Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to The Writer’s Lantern LLC.

The Writer’s Lantern LLC website uses cookies. They aren’t the yummy kind of cookies that most of us enjoy (bummer, I know). I am talking about the kind of cookies that Merriam-Webster defines as:

“cookie a small file or part of a file stored on a World Wide Web user’s computer, created and subsequently read by a website server, and containing personal information (such as a user identification code, customized preferences, or a record of pages visited).”

They don’t personally or directly identify you when you visit this website. If cookies are consumed—whether they are the technology kind or the yummy kind via Google Analytics or your very own taste buds—that information is kept between you and me (Deanna, the controller) only. The technology kind of cookies can be very beneficial as they allow me to best know how to serve you. Another benefit of the technology kind of cookies is that they also don’t affect your waistline the same way the yummy cookies do. 😉


Other Things You Need to Know About Privacy

  • Your information will only be used for lawful purposes.
  • I will ask you for your name and email address when you sign up for my newsletters or contact me about services.
  • I will ask for necessary information when entering into a contract with you.
  • Again, I am the only one who sees your information.
  • I won’t share your information.
  • I won’t store your data any longer than necessary.
  • This site is meant for grown-ups only. If you are under the age of 18, then your mommy or daddy can help you with the yummy kind of cookies.
  • You have the right (!!!) to request your information to be deleted at any time.
  • You are also more than welcome to unsubscribe if you feel it’s time to break free from The Writer’s Lantern LLC. I would hate to see you go, but I would still bid you farewell with the warmest regards.
  • This policy will be reviewed and fine-tuned often to best comply with GDPR.

Contact Deanna at if you have any questions or concerns, or perhaps a cookie recipe to share.