The Writer's Lantern


Are you a writer?


Do non-writing tasks take up too much of your time?

Is your email inbox piling up?

Would you like more time to write? 


The Writer’s Lantern can help!


The Writer’s Lantern desires to brighten the darker corners of creativity by assisting writers with their non-writing tasks. Offering to help authors, bloggers, and other quirky wordsmiths whose written content—whether fiction or nonfiction—falls into the categories of clean, wholesome, helpful, and inspirational.


Those “Darker Corners” could mean:


  • The need for Email Management for those who find they have more inbox than time at the end of the day.
  • Help with Creativity Organization for those whose creative ideas get whipping around in the proverbial brainstorm. It’s a good thing to have someone help organize and keep track of your creative thoughts.
  • Proofreading manuscripts and blog content. It is always necessary to get at least a second set of eyes on your content to check for errors. Even proofreaders need proofreaders!


Check out the Services page for a more detailed list, including rates.